Day #3 My Animals

I am an animal lover thru and thru. I have always had animals for as long as I can remember. The 2 that I currently have are both rescues. My sweet big boy is a 12-year-old german shepherd. He has been beside me for the past 9 years and has been my comfort thru so many trials. He has been thru heck and back with me. He always seems to know when my anxiety is thru the roof. He stays pretty close to me and if it gets too bad he will keep sticking his head underneath my head to calm me down and get me to focus on him. He is not a “therapy dog” but he is certainly my best therapy. I am so very blessed to have him. The sweet little girl is new to me. She is 6 years old and was tortured for 5 1/2 years of that. She is deathly terrified of any kind of rope coming near her.. When I first rescued her to work with her, I could barely get near her.  If you reached toward her she would run and hide. In the past two weeks, she has come so far. I work very patiently with her every day. She now comes when she is called, she will take food from my hand, she will go to her kennel when told to go to bed and has developed an overall sweet spirit. That is unless you are trying to clip her nails…she doesn’t really care for that at all. So these are my current 2 loves…. Meet Buddy (the German Shepherd) and Nolly (the Chihuahua).16523954_242845656125220_1394505868_o


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