Joy Journal

One of my challenges today during my devotion time was to start a joy journal. To record the blessings that Lord gives me each day this week. I am to remember to add the “SMALL” miracles as well as the “large” ones.

This challenge will require me to look for the joy in life instead of focusing on the not so great. I have a tendency to overlook the little things that bring life, while searching for the big things that I think will validate me. Wow, was that me being honest with myself? Yep. I am truly getting better at this being honest with myself stuff. It surely isnt easy but it is happening whether I like it or not.

SO…what happened today? I finished my devotion. Even though I didnt get to do it all at one time. I kept coming back until it was completed. I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked someone to pray with me to bless someone else. Because of a verse I remember in the bible that said Where two or more are gathered in ┬ámy name there I will be also. I really felt like I needed to do that and I did.

Mind you it was a little grudgingly…. but I did it.

Tonight after I study, I think I am going to take some me time and go and do some painting…… we will see.

Until Next time, D